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Getting Started

Quickly learn the basics of getting, displaying, and working with data.


Learn how to get data into Wavefront and about data formats and naming.

Integrations How To

Learn how to get data in and out of Wavefront and integrate with external systems.

All Integrations

Overview and basic setup for each integration

Query Lang. How To

Learn how to query your data through tutorials, reference, guides, and videos.

Query Lang. Reference

Reference pages for many Query Language Functions.


Learn how to display your data and events in charts.


Learn how to organize your charts in dashboards.


Learn about alerts and how to integrate alerts and notifications.


Learn about events and how to display events in charts.


Learn how to manage data ingestion with Wavefront proxies.


Learn how to administer Wavefront users and permissions and monitor Wavefront.

Best Practice

Learn best practices for charts, alerts, proxies, and more.


View demonstrations of Wavefront features and use cases.