Understand what you can do as an administrator in Tanzu Observability by Wavefront.

Super Admin users and users with the Accounts permission can perform a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Manage the authorization and access to the Wavefront environment.
  • Select the authentication model in the Wavefront environment. For example by setting up SSO using an identity provider (IdP).
  • Monitor and troubleshoot the Wavefront environment and usage.


As a user with the Accounts permission, you can:

  • Invite users, assign roles to users or add the users to groups to grant permissions.
  • Create roles that are set of permissions and assign the role to one or more users.
  • Create groups and give all members of the group a set of permissions by assigning a role.
  • Manage user accounts and service accounts.
  • Protect individual dashboards or alerts and grant access only to selected groups or accounts.
  • Protect metrics or groups of metrics using metrics security policy rules.


You can select your preferred authentication method for your environment by setting up single sign-on using an identity provider (IdP), so that users can log in by using SSO instead of a user name and password. Our authentication integrations use SAML and fully support two-factor authentication (managed by individual identity providers). In single-tenant authentication environment, you can set up or update self-service SAML SSO. You can also set up multi-tenancy, which is configured jointly by you – at the customer site, and the Tanzu Observability Technical Support team.

Monitor and Troubleshoot

As a Super Admin user, you can use the Wavefront Usage integration dashboards to monitor and troubleshoot your Wavefront environment. By using the dashboards in this integration, you can:

  • Get usage information for your Wavefront instance and Wavefront proxy.
  • Drill down into the metrics namespaces to discover trends.
  • Examine the points per second (PPS) usage based on predefined ingestion policies.
  • See whether the ingested metrics are at 95% of the committed rate and optionally get alerts if that happens.
  • In addition, you can create your own dashboards, charts, and alerts by using the internal metrics to investigate the problem.

As a Super Admin user, you can also monitor the overall Wavefront usage and see how data is used by specific accounts or groups, based on the ingestion policies that you create.