Learn chart customization from the experts.

Create and Customize Charts describes most of the things you need to know to get started. This page has some special tips and tricks to help you create the user experience you’re after.

How Do I Set Up Color Mapping?

Color mapping is a powerful way to get users’ attention when there’s a problem. We support color mapping for the following charts:

  • Single stat
  • Topk
  • Node map

The following example shows how to use color mapping with a single stat chart.

  1. In the Data tab, specify the metrics to monitor and give a subtitle.
  2. In the Sparkline tab:
    1. Select whether to apply the color to the Text or the Background and change Show Sparkline to No Line if you want a solid color chart.
    2. Click the + next to Color to Value Mapping and change the values and colors to fit your use case. In the example on the right, we show green for values under 75, yellow for values under 80, and red for values over 80.
    3. Save your chart.
create dashboard

A drilldown link sends users to a target dashboard when they click on a chart.

  • Drilldown on click is available for the following chart types:
    • Single stat
    • Topk
    • Node map
  • For all other chart types, drilldown is available from the ellipsis menu in the top right. drilldown example

Simple Drilldown

In most cases, you want to send users from a chart to another dashboard.

  1. Open the chart for edit and click the Drilldown Link tab.
  2. Start typing the name of the target dashboard, select from the options, and save the chart. simple drilldown

Drilldown Using Local Settings

You can optionally pass along a constant, point tag value, or other value to be used in the target dashboard. Here’s an example:

Suppose your users monitor 2 dashboards:

  • Dashboard 1 consists of a set of single stat charts that monitor important values and change color as critical thresholds are crossed for an availability zone. Each chart is for one availability zone only. Each chart sets the az point tag to show only the value for that zone, for example:

    query for drilldown

  • Dashboard 2 allows users to get details about the different availability zones. A variable (Availability Zone) is defined for that dashboard, and users can select a value for that variable.

You can set this up as follows:

  1. Inside dashboard 1, define a drilldown link for each single stat chart that:
    • Goes to dashboard 2 when the user clicks one of the single-stat charts.
    • Passes the value of the az point tag in as the value of the az variable. drilldown_definition
  2. When a user sees a critical value on a chart and clicks on that chart in dashboard 1, the user is redirected to dashboard 2, and the variable is preset to show the environment that has the problem. drilldown_target

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