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Learn how to organize your charts in dashboards.

Dashboard Variables Learn how to use dashboard variables.
Docs & Dashboards Overview Learn about the docs and in-product docs that can help get you up to speed.
Integrations Overview Learn how to customize a built-in integration and how to set up a custom integration.
AWS Lambda Function Integration Details Learn about AWS Lambda and Wavefront.
AWS Metrics Integration Learn how to send AWS Metrics data to Wavefront.
VMware Enterprise PKS Integration Details Learn about predefined alerts, code examples, and more
VMware vSphere Integration Details Learn details about the vSphere integration
Organizing with Tags Learn how to use tags to focus and speed up queries display and to unclutter the UI.
Tutorial: Getting Started Get started with navigating Wavefront, building Wavefront dashboards and charts, and creating an alert.
Create and Customize Charts Create charts, add and manage queries, and customize the chart.
Create and Customize Dashboards Create dashboards, add charts, and customize dashboard layout.
Examine Data with Dashboards and Charts Examine data with dashboards and charts
Share Dashboards and Charts Give dashboard access, share links to dashboards and charts, and create embedded charts.
Monitoring Wavefront Monitor and troubleshoot your Wavefront instance and examine version information.