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Learn how to organize your charts in dashboards.

Dashboards Learn about Wavefront dashboards.
Adding a Chart to a Dashboard Learn how to add charts to dashboards.
Getting Started Dashboards Learn about the tutorial, example, and use case dashboards available in your Wavefront instance.
Interacting with Dashboards and Charts Learn how to isolate sources and series, share URLs, alter time windows, apply global queries, and activate chart display modes.
Managing Dashboards Learn how to manage dashboards.
Understanding Slow Queries Learn how to display the Slow Query Dashboard page and use the information available in the dashboard to help you understand which and why queries take a long time to complete.
Dashboard Variables Learn how to use dashboard variables.
Docs & Dashboards Overview Learn about the docs and in-product docs that can help get you up to speed.
Integrations Overview Learn how to customize an in-product integration and how to set up a custom integration.
AWS Metrics Integration Learn how to send AWS data to Wavefront.
Organizing with Tags Learn how to use tags to speed up searching and query display and how to manage entity tags.
Tutorial: Getting Started Get started with navigating Wavefront, building Wavefront dashboards and charts, and creating an alert. The tutorial is based on the sample metrics preloaded in your Wavefront account.
Monitoring Wavefront Learn how to monitor and troubleshoot the health of your Wavefront instance.