Learn how things work and how to do things by watching videos.

This page is for users who learn best watching videos.

  • Wavefront engineers explain how things work in a set of lighboard videos and ask-the-expert videos. For example, Clement explains point tags and source tags work, and our interview video explores container monitoring best practices.
  • Jason Goocher, Wavefront Customer Success Engineer, created a set of videos for VMware Learning Zone in October 2017 that show how to do things such as creating alerts.
  • Some screen capture videos show you how to do things like creating groups or managing access control.

    Note Many of these videos were made before the transition of the Wavefront UI to Project Clarity. Some UI details are slightly different in the current product.

Clement’s Lightboard Videos

In the following lighboard videos, Wavefront co-founder Clement Pang explains:

  • AI Genie: Anomaly Detection and AI Genie: Forecasting
  • Getting Data into Wavefront
  • Time Series and Interpolation
  • Alerting with Wavefront
  • Tagging Your Data with Wavefront
  • Wavefront Histograms
ai genie anomaly detection ai genie forecasting
getting data into wavefront time series and interpolation
Alerting With Wavefront Tagging in Wavefront
Wavefront histograms  

Authorization: Permissions and Access Control

Authorization in Wavefront Permissions for Users and Groups Wavefront access control

Kubernetes and Container Monitoring

monitor and scale kubernetes container monitoring best practice

Introduction to Wavefront

Introduction to Wavefront what is a chart? introduction to query language

User Interface

navigating wavefront permissions and user profiles introduction to dashboards
introduction to alerts intro to integrations searching
browsing metrics documentation

Interacting with Dashboards and Charts

interact dashboards charts editing dashboards
sharing content Setting Time Windows sharing content

Wavefront Query Language

The following videos on VMware Learning Zone discuss the Wavefront Query Language. This list leaves out the video on Query Creation Options because the Query Builder interface has changed so much that the video might be confusing.

wavefront query basics advanced functions query wizard


introduction to alerts advanced functions


intro to events creating events controlling event displays