Use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate through pages and menus.

With the 2021-19.x release, Wavefront addresses accessibility issues and now includes level-A accessibility fixes for keyboard navigation and colorblind support. There are also a few level-AA issues addressed as well. Wavefront now allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through pages and menus instead of using the mouse. Some of the UI elements are also with changed color so that the color contrast supports colorblind accessibility.

Wavefront UI Pages With End-to-End Keyboard Navigation Support

The end-to-end keyboard navigation is fully supported in the following list of Wavefront UI pages:

  • Dashboards Browser page
  • Dashboard page
  • Alerts Browser page
  • Alert Viewer page
  • Events list page

Keyboard Shortcuts and Their Usage

Keyboard ShortcutAllows you to:
Tab or Shift+Tab Navigate forward and backward through the UI elements on a page level.
Arrow keys Navigate between items in a list, such as a drop-down menu or any other menu.
Home and End keys or Cmd+Up and Cmd+Down for Safari Navigate to the first and last main menu item, respectively, when the focus is on any main menu item.
Enter Perform the action the element is meant to do. For example, if the element is a button, pressing Enter is the same as clicking the button.

Pressing Enter in the Query Editor, enters edit mode, so that you can type a new query or edit the existing one.

Esc or Opt+Esc for Safari Perform different actions depending on the current selection:
  • Exit from current selection or active state, such as a text editor.
  • Close a pop-up window or any opened menu, such as a drop-down menu, or an ellipsis icon menu. Returns you to the parent or closest interactive element, if the current component disappears. Always orients you on the page post an action.
Space Select or deselect a check box.

Alternatively, you can do this by pressing Enter, but it is not mandatory.