Release Notes for different Wavefront proxy versions.

This page gives an overview of important changes for the most recent Wavefront proxy releases.

Version 5.1

This version includes support for the following new functionality:

  • Support for span logs. Both proxy version 5.1 and Wavefront service version 2019.30 or later are required for span logs.
  • Delta counter aggregation at the proxy. Previously, only the service performed delta counter aggregation.
  • New add functionality when sending SourceTag or SourceDescription directly to the proxy.
  • Hot reload for proxy preprocessor rules. Proxy checks for changes to the file every 5 seconds, so proxy restart is no longer required.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements related to ingestion and tracing.

Version 4.38

  • Wavefront histogram support for log ingestion
  • Support HTTP payloads for raw log ingestion
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.36

  • Generate RED metrics from tracing spans.

Version 4.35

  • First class integration for Zipkin. Anyone using Zipkin can substitute a Wavefront proxy for the Zipkin HTTP collector to send data to Wavefront.
  • Fixes minor Jaeger integration issues.

Version 4.34

  • Support for trace sampling.

Version 4.33

  • First class integration for Jaeger. Anyone using Jaeger can point their agent to the Wavefront proxy instead of the Jaeger collector to send data to Wavefront.