Announcements and new and updated features in Tanzu Observability by Wavefront.

This page lists new and updated features for the Tanzu Observability by Wavefront service.

2022-44.x Release Notes

  • The Query Suggestions for charts and alerts are now actionable. To apply a suggestion and improve the query performance, click a suggestion and your query updates accordingly. See Use Performance Improvement Suggestions for details.

    screenshot of a query and the Suggestions panel with clickable values

  • We made major improvements to our help docs to fix some issues and include more help pages.

2022-42.x Release Notes

With this release, we launch the Initial Availability of our Logs (Beta) feature.

The UI of the Logs Browser

If the logs feature is enabled on your account:

  • You can start sending logs and correlate them with traces and metrics for unified observability and root cause analysis.
  • If you have the Logs permission, you can start using the Logs Browser to examine the ingested logs and find the root cause of critical issues. Click Logs (Beta) on the toolbar or drill into logs from charts, alerts, and traces. See Get Started with Logs (Beta) for details.
  • You can use the Linux Host and Wavefront Usage integrations that we improved for logs. See the Integrations Release Notes for details.

2022-41.x Release Notes

  • Accessibility Improvements: With this release we have made a lot of accessibility-related fixes. For example:

    • Added meaningful texts for screen readers to all of our pages and UI elements, such as buttons, form fields, data tables and their structure elements, and so on.
    • Fixed color coding and contrast.
    • Forms and form fields now contain instructions and all required fields are marked as such. In addition, we’ve made fixes to the error messages and their color coding and associated them with the appropriate form fields.
    • We’ve added alternative texts for all images used in the UI.
    • When you navigate to a page in the UI, we’ve added the appropriate name on the browser page as well. For example, when you create a new chart, on the browser you’ll see New Chart | Tanzu Observability.
  • Dashboard Performance Improvements: Previously, by default, the Show Events option was enabled to show the events from charts. This could increase the total query time of a dashboard. With this release, when you create a dashboard, by default the Show Events option is set to None. You can change this setting based on your needs. See Control Event Overlays for details and screenshots.

  • Wavefront Top: We have released the 1.2 version of the wftop utility that has fixes for multiple CVE issues.

  • Wavefront Proxy: We’ve just released Wavefront Proxy 12. For details on the changes, see the Wavefront proxy GitHub page.

  • Integrations: We had an integrations release in October! We made a lot of bug fixes and improvements to a number of integrations, including the Wavefront Usage integration. See the Integration Release Notes for details.

Past Release Notes