Learn about new and updated features in Wavefront.

This page lists new and updated features for the Wavefront service.

Announcing Deprecation of v1 Dashboards and Charts

In February, all v1 dashboards and charts will be migrated to v2. Users can no longer select the v1 version of dashboards and charts.

2022-01.x Release Notes

Query Editor Insights for Queries and Charts: Chart stats and query stats.
Integration Improvements: You can now easily filter the integrations by state. See Supported States. List of integrations filtered by active state.
UI Updates and Improvements:
  • After you pin a legend in a chart (Shift-P), you can now sort the columns in the legend. See the screenshot on the right.
  • Changed the name of the Accounts, Groups & Roles permission to Accounts and changed the name of the Account Management menu item to Accounts.
  • Keyboard navigation improvements in the Create Dashboard wizard and in the Chart UI pages. The sections that you add are now numbered, e.g. Section 1 instead of New Section.
A pinned legend with up and down arrows for each column.

Past Release Notes