New and changed Wavefront integrations.

Wavefront continuously adds new integrations to the existing set, and improves available integrations. We update our complete list of all integrations each time we add new integrations.

January - March 2019

We added the following integrations in January - March 2019:

  • AWS IAM Key Age integration
  • Zipkin integration
  • OpenShift integration

We made made improvements to the following integrations in January - March 2019

  • Kubernetes integration: Added dashboard for monitoring Wavefront Kubernetes Collector
  • Amazon RDS integration: Dashboard filtering improvements
  • Azure SQL Database integration: Dashboard improvments
  • vSphere integration: Dashboard improvements
  • Nagios integration: Enhancements to event collection

All 2018 Integrations

We have a separate page for New and Changed Integrations in 2018.