Share links to dashboards and charts, give dashboard access, and create embedded charts.

You can

  • Share a link to a dashboard or chart so someone else can see what’s going on.
  • Share access to a dashboard if the user is not in a group that has access to that specific dashboard.

The easiest way to share a link is the share icon in the bottom right quadrant of the page. Use this link to share a link to what you’re seeing right now (NON-LIVE display).

link icon

Wavefront allows you to share dashboards and charts with other authorized users of your environment. We support two options:

  • Non-live view – Links to a snapshot of what you’re looking at right now.
  • Live view – Changes as the dashboard or alert changes.

To share a dashboard using a link

  1. Navigate to the dashboard and click the Share Dashboard icon.

    share dashboard icon

  2. Select the Shared Links tab and click the button to copy the link you want to share:

    Share link to the NON-LIVE display The link recipient will see, at any time, what you see. For example, if you share a non-live link, and the recipient opens the links 3 hours later, that link shows the state of the system 3 hours ago. Even if you make changes, the link recipient only sees the snapshot of the dashboard at the time you copied the link.
    Share link to the LIVE display The link recipient sees the live display of the current dashboard. If the dashboard changed after you sent the link, the recipient sees those changes.

Share Access to Dashboards or Alerts

If the access control for an individual dashboard or alert has been set so that access is blocked by default, the following users can share access with other users and groups:

  • The dashboard creator
  • Super Admin
  • Any user who has View & Modify access because someone already shared access to the dashboard with that user.

The process is very similar for dashboards and for alerts.

To grant or revoke dashboard access

  1. Navigate to the dashboard and click the Share Dashboard icon.

    share dashboard icon

  2. Click Accounts & Groups
  3. To grant access:
    1. Start typing into the View Dashboard or View & Modify Dashboard field.
    2. Select the group or user to give access to and click Update
  4. To revoke access, delete the group or user and click Update.