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Learn how to administer Wavefront users and permissions and monitor Wavefront.

Managing Access Learn how to manage access to dashboards.
Authentication with SSO Providers Learn how to enable authentication and multi-tenant authentication.
Authorization in Wavefront Learn about authorization of Wavefront groups and users.
Examine Ingestion Breakdown Monitor usage with ingestion policies and usage dashboards.
Integrations Overview Learn how to customize a built-in integration and how to set up a custom integration.
Enabling SSO Authentication Learn how to integrate authentication providers with Wavefront.
Finding Ingestion and Query Problems Understand how Wavefront dashboards and tools help you find problems
Monitor Wavefront Proxies Learn how to monitor Wavefront proxies.
Permissions Reference Learn about Wavefront permissions.
Manage Service Accounts Create and manage service accounts.
Sources Learn about sources and how to manage them.
Manage User Accounts Create and manage user accounts.
Accounts, Groups, and Permissions Manage authorization for user accounts and service accounts
Wavefront Errors and Resolution Wavefront errors and suggested actions to resolve them.
Monitor Wavefront Service Monitor and troubleshoot your Wavefront instance and examine version information.
Investigate Traffic With Spy and Wavefront Top Use HTTP endpoints to get samples data or IDs, or use wftop to examine them with a keyboard-driven UI.
Wavefront Security Understand how Wavefront secures your data and supports fine-tuning security for your cluster.