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Learn how to administer Wavefront users and permissions and monitor Wavefront.

Managing Access to Dashboards and Alerts Control access to individual dashboards and alerts.
Manage Service Accounts Create and manage service accounts.
Manage User Accounts Create and manage user accounts.
Single-Tenant Authentication and Self-Service SAML SSO Learn how to enable single-tenant authentication and set up self-service SSO.
Wavefront Authentication Model Learn about the Wavefront authentication model.
Multi-Tenant Authentication Learn how to enable multi-tenant authentication.
Wavefront Authorization Model Learn about authorization of Wavefront groups and users.
Authorization FAQ Before you start with managing users, groups, roles and access to Wavefront and Wavefront objects, here are some FAQs.
Examine Ingestion Breakdown Monitor usage with ingestion policies and usage dashboards.
Integrations Overview Learn how to customize a built-in integration and how to set up a custom integration.
Showing Dashboards on Large-Screen Displays Display Wavefront dashboards on one or more large-screen, read-only displays
Metrics and the Metrics Browser Understand metrics structure and how to explore metrics in the Metrics Browser
Metrics Security Policy Rules Use metrics security to control access to time series, histograms, and delta counters.
Finding Ingestion and Query Problems Understand how Wavefront dashboards and tools help you find problems
Monitor Wavefront Proxies Learn how to monitor Wavefront proxies.
Permissions Reference Learn about Wavefront permissions.
Sources Learn about sources and how to manage them.
Manage Roles, Groups, and Permissions Manage global permissions with roles.
Administer Wavefront Understand what you can do as a Wavefront administrator.
Wavefront Errors and Resolution Wavefront errors and suggested actions to resolve them.
Wavefront Service Internal Metrics Wavefront collects internal metrics that are used extensively in the different dashboards of the Wavefront Usage integration.
Limits and Best Practices Limits and recommendations to promote efficient resource use.
Monitor Your Wavefront Service Monitor and troubleshoot your Wavefront instance and see points per second information.
Use Wavefront Top or Spy to Investigate Traffic Use HTTP endpoints to get samples data or IDs, or use wftop to examine them with a keyboard-driven UI.
Wavefront Security Understand how Wavefront secures your data and supports fine-tuning security for your cluster.
Find Actionable Usage Information Monitor usage information for your Wavefront instance.