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Learn how to instrument applications for tracing and visualize data in Wavefront.

apdex Function Learn how to use the apdex() function.
apdexLatency Function Learn how to use the apdexLatency() function.
Architecture of an Instrumented Microservice Set up your application to send metrics, histograms, and trace data to Wavefront.
spans() Function Learn how to write spans() queries.
Distributed Tracing Key Concepts Get to know the concepts around distributed tracing in Wavefront.
Querying Trace Data Learn how to query for Wavefront trace data.
Trace Sampling Learn about sampling for Wavefront trace data.
traces() Function Learn how to write traces() queries.
Configure Apdex Settings Get an overview of how the Apdex score is calculated and Configure Apdex Settings.
Distributed Tracing Overview Collect and visualize trace data from your applications.
Tracing Best Practices Best practices for collecting and sending trace data from an application to Wavefront.
Customize Span Tags for RED Metrics Customize span level tags and alerts for RED metrics
Configure External Services Configure your application to show external services or applications
Tracing FAQ Get answers to your questions about Wavefront distributed tracing
Instrumenting Your App for Tracing Set up your application to send metrics, histograms, and trace data to Wavefront.
Using Jaeger or Zipkin with Wavefront Learn how to send trace data from Jaeger or Zipkin to Wavefront.
Instrumenting Your OpenTracing Java Application Configure your OpenTracing Java application to send data to Wavefront using the OpenTracing Java SDK.
Service Dashboard Identify potential hot spots of a service.
Traces Browser Explore traces and spans from the Wavefront UI
Application Status Get an overview of the services and applications that send data to Wavefront.
View Traces Offline Download traces and view them later using offline traces.