Here's how our users get started with Wavefront:

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Get data into Wavefront, visualize them, and learn more!

Cardinality and Wavefront Learn about how Wavefront deals with cardinality.
Chart Builder Use Chart Builder to display the data you're interested in.
Learn Wavefront Come up to speed with tutorials in product, GitHub, and docs.
Glossary Learn about Wavefront terms.
Query Editor Query your metrics with query language functions and variables.
Query Language Tutorial Watch some videos, run a query, apply filters and functions, and more.
Query Builder (v1) Learn how to create Wavefront Query Language expressions using Query Builder.
Organizing with Tags Learn how to use tags to focus and speed up queries display and to unclutter the UI.
Distributed Tracing Overview Collect and visualize trace data from your applications.
Tutorial Explore Data Learn using dashboards and charts with sample data.
Create and Customize Charts Create charts, add and manage queries, and customize the chart.
Wavefront Charts FAQ Learn chart customization from the experts.
Create, Customize, and Optimize Dashboards Create dashboards, add charts, customize dashboard layout, and troubleshoot dashboards.
Examine Data with Dashboards and Charts Examine data with dashboards and charts
Get Started Videos Learn how to perform basic tasks in the Wavefront UI.
Basic Concepts Videos Learn the concepts behind Wavefront technology.
Wavefront REST API Learn about the REST API for managing Wavefront.
Wavefront CLIs Different CLIs you can use with Wavefront.
Wavefront Interfaces An overview of the various interfaces for interacting with Wavefront.
What is Wavefront? Learn about Wavefront, its architecture, and its interfaces.
Wavefront Observability SDKs Learn about Wavefront SDKs that enable applications to report metrics, histograms, and trace data.
Searching Wavefront Learn how to search for objects in the Wavefront UI.
Support and Feedback Get help with Wavefront and give feedback.