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Quickly learn the basics of getting, displaying, and working with data.

Charts Learn about Wavefront chart types and chart configuration options.
Customizing Chart Resolution and Units Learn about the Wavefront chart time window and display resolution, and how to configure the units displayed in chart axes and legends.
Dashboards Learn about Wavefront dashboards.
Adding a Chart to a Dashboard Learn how to add charts to dashboards.
Interacting with Dashboards and Charts Customize dashboards and charts to see what's relevant.
Docs & Dashboards Overview Learn about the docs and in-product docs that can help get you up to speed.
Glossary Learn about Wavefront terms.
Query Language Quickstart Watch some videos, run a query, apply filters and functions, and more.
Query Builder Learn how to create Wavefront Query Language expressions using Query Builder.
Organizing with Tags Learn how to use tags to focus and speed up queries display and to unclutter the UI.
Tutorial: Getting Started Get started with navigating Wavefront, building Wavefront dashboards and charts, and creating an alert.
Wavefront REST API Learn about the REST API for managing Wavefront.
Wavefront CLIs Learn about the different command-line interfaces you can use with Wavefront.
Wavefront SDKs Learn about reporting metrics from your application.
What is Wavefront? Learn about the Wavefront platform.
Searching Wavefront Learn how to search for objects in the Wavefront UI.
Getting Help and Giving Feedback Get help with Wavefront and give feedback.