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Learn best practices for charts, alerts, proxies, and more.

Customizing Alert Notifications Learn how to customize alert notifications by modifying alert target templates.
Alerts Best Practices Learn about best practices for alert creation, alert settings, and alert troubleshooting.
Three Tips for Increasing Alert Robustness Learn how to develop alert conditions and properties that limit spurious alerts.
Customizing Chart Resolution and Units Learn about the Wavefront chart time window and display resolution, and how to configure the units displayed in chart axes and legends.
Understanding Slow Queries Learn how to use Slow Query dashboards to understand which queries take a long time to complete.
Installing and Managing Wavefront Proxies Learn how to install and manage Wavefront proxies.
Detecting Anomalies With Functions and Statistical Functions Learn how to use simple functions and statistical functions in Wavefront Query Language expressions to detect anomalies.
Using Moving and Tumbling Windows to Highlight Trends Learn how to use moving window functions in Wavefront Query Language expressions to highlight trends.
Wavefront Data Naming Learn about best practices for naming data sent to Wavefront and naming Wavefront objects.
Wavefront Use Cases Watch videos that explain how use sophisticated queries to solve problems.