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View demonstrations of Wavefront features and use cases.

Customizing Chart Resolution and Units Learn about the Wavefront chart time window and display resolution, and how to configure the units displayed in chart axes and legends.
Interacting with Dashboards and Charts Learn how to isolate sources and series, share URLs, alter time windows, apply global queries, and activate chart display modes.
Managing External Links Learn how to manage external links.
Log Data Metrics Integration Learn how to send log data to Wavefront.
Query Builder Learn how to get started with creating Wavefront Query Language expressions using Query Builder.
Using Statistical Functions to Detect Anomalies Learn how to use statistical functions in Wavefront Query Language expressions to detect anomalies.
Organizing with Tags Learn how to use tags to speed up searching and query display and how to manage entity tags.
Searching Wavefront Learn how to search for entities in the Wavefront UI.
Wavefront Use Cases Learn how to use sophisticated queries to solve important use cases.