Our doc set includes concept videos, how-to videos, and more!

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View demonstrations of Wavefront features and use cases.

Alerts Learn how alerts work, examine and organize them.
Alert States and Lifecycle Learn about alert conditions and states, when alerts fire, and how alerts resolve.
Cardinality and Wavefront Learn about how Wavefront deals with cardinality.
Events Learn about Wavefront events and how to view, create, and close events
Managing External Links Learn how to manage external links.
Log Data Metrics Integration Learn how to send log data to Wavefront by setting up a proxy and configuring Filebeat or TCP.
Maintenance Windows and Snoozing Alerts Learn how to snooze an alert, and how to use maintenance windows to prevent alerts from firing when systems are undergoing maintenance.
Query Language Tutorial Watch some videos, run a query, apply filters and functions, and more.
Detecting Anomalies with Functions and Statistical Functions Detect anomalies with simple functions, and functions for mean, median, standard deviation, and inter-quartile range.
Organizing with Tags Learn how to use tags to focus and speed up queries display and to unclutter the UI.
mcorr Function Reference to the mcorr() function
Administration Videos Administrators use Wavefront Top to understand data shapes, and permissions and access for authorization.
Alerts Videos Learn how alerts work and how to use them.
Visualization Videos Visualize data with dashboards and charts.
Wavefront and Data Videos Watch videos related to data including integrations, tagging data, and histograms.
Events Videos Learn how events work and how they can help you understand your environment.
Get Started Videos Learn how to perform basic tasks in the Wavefront UI.
Wavefront and Kubernetes Videos Watch our first videos on Wavefront and Kubernetes.
Query Language Videos Learn about query language basics and advanced functions
Basic Concepts Videos Learn the concepts behind Wavefront technology.
Tags and Searches Videos Use tags and searches to quickly find what you need.
Tracing Videos Learn about our tracing implementation and watch a demo.
Use Case Videos Watch videos that explain how use sophisticated queries to solve problems.