Learn about the Wavefront Terraform Provider Integration.

Wavefront Terraform Provider

The Wavefront Terraform Provider is a custom terraform provider from spaceapegames that enables users to manage resources on Wavefront. This spaceapegames blog post explains how and why spaceapegames created the terraform provider.

This integration currently supports alerts, alert targets and dashboards.

Wavefront Terraform Provider Setup

This setup is an reiteration of terraform-provider-wavefront.

Step 1. Download and Customize the Plugin

You can download the plugin from this git repository. Latest releases include darwin and linux amd64 packages. If you need a different architecture or OS, you can build the plugin from source. Go to terraform-provider-wavefront for details.

Once you have the plugin, remove the _os_arch from the end of the file name and place it in ~/.terraform.d/plugins which is where terraform init looks for plugins. See provider configuration for syntax details.

Step 2. Create a Terraform Config File

Create a main.tf with the following configurations.

provider "wavefront" {
  address = "https://YOUR_CLUSTER.wavefront.com"
  token = "YOUR_API_TOKEN"

resource "wavefront_alert" "test_alert" {
  name = "Terraform Test Alert"
  target = "test@example.com"
  condition = "100 - ts(\"cpu.usage_idle\") > 80"
  display_expression = "100-ts(\"cpu.usage_idle\")"
  minutes = 5
  resolve_after_minutes = 5
  severity = "WARN"
  tags = [
  • In the provider block, provide your wavefront address and api token from your account.
    • You can also export the address (WAVEFRONT_ADDRESS) and token (WAVEFRONT_TOKEN) as environment variables to avoid committing them to source control (We highly recommend you to do this for the token!).
  • In the resource block, each field corresponds to an alert object field. You use those alert object fields when creating alerts with the Wavefront API.

Step 3. Running the plugin

  • Check that your wavefront account has permission Alert Management.

  • Run terraform init to load your provider.

  • Run terraform plan to show the plan.

  • Run terraform apply to apply the test configuration and then check the results in Wavefront.

  • Update main.tf to change a value, the run plan and apply again to check that updates work.

  • Run terraform destroy to test deleting resources.