Learn about the Terraform Provider Integration.

Wavefront Terraform Provider

The Wavefront Terraform Provider recently became a Wavefront integration.

This integration currently supports a comprehensive set of Wavefront resources including alerts, alert targets and dashboards.

Wavefront Terraform Provider Setup

This setup is an reiteration of terraform-provider-wavefront.

Step 1. Download and Customize the Plugin

You can download the plugin from this git repository. Latest releases include darwin and linux amd64 packages. If you need a different architecture or OS, you can build the plugin from source. Go to terraform-provider-wavefront for details.

Once you have the plugin, remove the _os_arch from the end of the file name and place it in ~/.terraform.d/plugins which is where terraform init looks for plugins. See provider configuration for syntax details.

Step 2. Create a Terraform Config File

Create a main.tf with the following configurations.

provider "wavefront" {
  address = "https://YOUR_CLUSTER.wavefront.com"
  token = "YOUR_API_TOKEN"

resource "wavefront_alert" "test_alert" {
  name = "Terraform Test Alert"
  target = "test@example.com"
  condition = "100 - ts(\"cpu.usage_idle\") > 80"
  display_expression = "100-ts(\"cpu.usage_idle\")"
  minutes = 5
  resolve_after_minutes = 5
  severity = "WARN"
  tags = [

data "wavefront_alerts" "alerts" {

data "wavefront_alert" "alert" {
  id = "sample-alert-id"
  • In the provider block, provide your Wavefront address and the API token for your account.
    • You can also export the address (WAVEFRONT_ADDRESS) and token (WAVEFRONT_TOKEN) as environment variables to avoid committing them to source control (We highly recommend you to do this for the token!).
  • In the resource block, each field corresponds to an alert object field. You use those alert object fields when creating alerts with the Wavefront API.

Step 3. Running the plugin

  • Verify that your Wavefront account has the Alerts permission.

    Note: Before running terraform init, if you use terraform version 0.13 and later, run terraform 0.13upgrade.

  • Run terraform init to load your provider.

  • Run terraform plan to show the plan.

  • Run terraform apply to apply the test configuration and then check the results in Wavefront.

  • Update main.tf to change a value, the run plan and apply again to check that updates work.

  • Run terraform destroy to test deleting resources.