Learn about the Wavefront Wavefront Chef Server Integration.

Wavefront Chef Server Integration

This integration is a cookbook for installing and configuring Python, pip, Telegraf, and the Wavefront proxy on a Chef client. The instructions include all commands you run, in sequence.

Wavefront Chef Server Setup

Step 1. Download and extract the Chef cookbook

On a Chef client that is set up to push to your Chef server, run the following commands:

knife cookbook site download wavefront
tar xvf wavefront-0.1.1.tar.gz

Step 2. Modify attributes.rb to include your API key

cd wavefront/attributes
sed -i 's/<YOUR_API_KEY>/YOUR_API_TOKEN/g' wavefront/attributes/default.rb

Step 3. Upload the Wavefront cookbook

knife cookbook upload wavefront

Step 4. Add the cookbook to your client’s run list

This needs to be executed only once per client.

knife node run_list add NODE_NAME wavefront

Step 5. Run the cookbook

sudo chef-client