Learn about the Wavefront VictorOps Integration.

VictorOps Integration

VictorOps is a popular incident lifecycle management platform. You can use Wavefront alerts to trigger a VictorOps incident of varying types (information, warning, critical) and also to let VictorOps know when an alert has stopped firing to mark the incident as recovered within the VictorOps timeline. With the help of webhooks you can integrate Wavefront alerts with VictorOps.

VictorOps Setup

Step 1. Enable the Wavefront Integration in VictorOps

  1. In VictorOps, go to account Settings at the top of the page.
  2. Select Alert Behavior > Integrations. images/victorops_alert_behavior.png

  3. On the Integrations page, scroll down until you see the Wavefront integration option and select it. images/victorops_wavefront.png

  4. If not already enabled, click the Enable Integration button which generates a unique URL to use for notifications. images/victorops_enable_integration.png

  5. Copy the Service API Endpoint URL. The URL will end with $routing_key. You can change this to the appropriate routing_key you want to use in VictorOps. If you don’t have one, set it to wavefront-group for now. This can be any string, and can even be different for different types of alerts so you can manage which team will get routed the incoming incidents. To view or configure route keys in VictorOps, click Alert Behavior, then Route Keys. images/victorops_api_endpoint.png

Step 2. Create a VictorOps Alert Target

  1. In Wavefront, create an alert target.
  2. Give the alert target a meaningful name.
  3. In the Triggers field, select the alert state changes that should trigger the notification. See Creating an Alert Target..
  4. Make sure that the Type is set to Webhook.
  5. Paste the application’s notification URL into the URL field.

  6. Set the URL field to the one generated within VictorOps API Endpoint (including your routing key).
  7. Select Alert Target POST Body Template > TEMPLATE > VictorOps.
  8. Customize the template.
  9. Give a meaningful description to your new alert target: images/victorops_alert_target.png

  10. Click Save.

Step 3. Add the VictorOps Alert Target to a Wavefront Alert

  1. In Wavefront, open the Alerts browser.
  2. If you have an alert, locate the alert and click the alert name to open the alert in edit mode. Otherwise, create an alert. For help, see Create and Manage Alerts.
  3. Scroll down to the Recipients field.

  4. Enter the alert target ID into the Alert Target field and select the alert target from the drop-down list to add the list of targets.
  5. Click Save.