Learn about the Wavefront Wavefront Tutorial Integration.

Tutorial Integration

The Tutorial integration is set of getting started dashboards to help new users learn how to use Wavefront. They include:

  • Tutorial: Home - contains links to getting started dashboards and documentation.
  • Tutorial: Getting Started with the Query Language - contains charts that illustrate different elements of the query language.
  • Tutorial: Dashboard Basics: Chart Types - introduces dashboard chart types and options: line, point, stacked area, etc.
  • Tutorial: Creating Alerts - describes how to create an alert and configure notification of the alert.
  • Tutorial: Interactive Query Language Explorer - contains interactive charts to further explore the query language.

This integration also includes two use case dashboards:

  • Tutorial: Use Case: Code Push Event - describes how to use the query language to develop queries to explore the effect of a code push event on a collection of servers.
  • Tutorial: Use Case: Anomaly Detection - describes how to use the query language to investigate anomalous application behavior.

These dashboards use sample real-time and historical metrics that have been automatically pre-populated in your instance.