Reference to the trim, strip, stripLeading, and stripTrailing string manipulation function


trim(metric|source|<pointTagKey>, <tsExpression>)

strip(metric|source|<pointTagKey>, <tsExpression>)

stripLeading(metric|source|<pointTagKey>, <tsExpression>)

stripTrailing(metric|source|<pointTagKey>, <tsExpression>)

Functions for removing white space (blanks) from the specified metadata string.


metric|source|<pointTagKey> The metadata string (metric name, source name, or value of a point tag key) to remove white space from.
tsExpression The expression that describes the time series with the metadata string to be trimmed or stripped.


We support several functions for handling white spaces (blank) in a metadata string of a time series.

  • isBlank() returns true if a string contains only white spaces and returns false otherwise.
  • trim() removes a single leading white space and a single trailing white space, but does not remove multiple leading or trailing white spaces.
  • strip() removes both leading and trailing white spaces from a string.
  • stripLeading() removes leading white spaces but leaves trailing white spaces.
  • stripTrailing() removes trailing white spaces but leaves leading white spaces.