Reference to the toLowerCase() and toUpperCase() string manipulation functions


toLowerCase(metric|source|<pointTagKey>, <tsExpression>)
toUpperCase(metric|source|<pointTagKey>, <tsExpression>)

The toLowerCase() function converts all upper case characters to lower case, in the specified metadata string.

The toUpperCase() function converts all lower case characters to upper case, in the specified metadata string.


metric|source|<pointTagKey> The metadata string (metric name, source name, or value of a point tag key) to be converted to all lower case or all upper case.
tsExpression The expression that describes the time series with the metadata string that you want to convert.


The following example uses toUpperCase() to convert all lower-case characters in the value of the service point tag to upper case. Because that value is dataingester, we see DATAINGESTER in the hover text.

ts toLowerCase