Reference to the pow() function


pow(<baseExpression>, <exponentExpression>[, inner])

Raises the base expression to the power of the exponent expression.


baseExpression Expression specifying each base to be raised to the exponent.
exponentExpression Expression specifying the exponent to raise each base to.
inner Results in an inner join.


The pow() function produces a time series in which the data values are the values specified by the base expression, raised to a power specified by the exponent expression.

Either or both parameters may describe a time series or a constant value, and either may be fractional or negative. Wavefront does not currently support imaginary numbers, so pow(-1, 0.5) returns no data.

By default, the chart legend displays a rounded version of the result. You can cause the legend to display the result with more precision by holding down the shift key when you hover over the time series.


Here we see the result (in orange) of using pow() to raise the values of a time series (in blue) to the 3rd power. That is, for each data value v in the input series, the result series returns v3.

ts exp ts