Learn about the Wavefront Wavefront Tour Integration.

Tour Integration

The Tour integration is a set of dashboards that give an overview of capabilities and how to use those capabilities to solve typical monitoring use cases:

  • Tour: Welcome - overview of benefits and capabilities.
  • Tour: Anomaly Detection: Finding a Needle in a Haystack - how to find an anomalous event.
  • Tour: Intelligent Alerting: Creating the Perfect Alert - how to create an alert that does not fire spuriously.
  • Tour: Data Exploration: Analyzing an Event’s Impact - how to discover the affect of a code push on metrics.
  • Tour: Exploration and Capacity Planning - how to correlate metrics.
  • Tour: Anomaly Detection: Using Weekly Patterns - how to use historical data to establish a pattern and capture precisely when a service issue occurred.

These dashboards use sample real-time and historical metrics that have been automatically pre-populated in your instance.