Learn about the Wavefront Telegraf Integration.

Telegraf Integration

Telegraf is a light-weight server process capable of collecting, processing, and aggregating metrics. This integration describes how to install and configure Telegraf to send metrics to a Wavefront proxy.

In addition to setting up the metrics flow of the system and the applications, this integration also allows you to monitor the performance of Telegraf and installs a dashboard. Here’s a preview of Telegraf dashboard:

Note: Telegraf dashboard shows NO DATA if the internal plugin is not enabled.


To see a list of the metrics for this integration, select the integration from https://github.com/influxdata/telegraf/tree/master/plugins/inputs.

Telegraf Setup

You can choose automatic installation or manual installation and configuration.

Install Wavefront Proxy and Telegraf Agent Automatically

Log in to your Wavefront instance and follow the instructions in the Setup tab to install Telegraf and a Wavefront proxy in your environment. If a proxy is already running in your environment, you can select that proxy and the Telegraf install command connects with that proxy. Sign up for a free trial to check it out!

Install and Configure Wavefront Proxy and Telegraf Agent Manually

Linux: Follow the steps under linux/setup.

Mac: Follow the steps under mac/setup.

Windows: Follow the steps under windows/setup.

Insights into Telegraf Performance (Optional)

If you want to monitor the performance of the Telegraf agent, follow these steps:

Create a telegraf.conf file in /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d and add the following snippet:

    # Collect internal Telegraf statistics
      ## If true, collect Telegraf memory stats.
        collect_memstats = true

        name_prefix = "telegraf."

Note: The Telegraf dashboard shows NO DATA if this plugin is not enabled.

Restart Telegraf


sudo service telegraf restart


brew services restart telegraf

Windows: Restart the Telegraf service using the Windows Services Management Console or from the command prompt:

net stop telegraf
net start telegraf