Learn about the Wavefront Wavefront Usage Integration.

Wavefront Usage Integration

The Wavefront Service and Proxy Data dashboard, part of the Wavefront Usage integration, allows you to examine internal metrics. These metrics allow you to check whether your Wavefront instance is behaving as expected.

The Wavefront Ingestion Policy Explorer dashboard provides a granular breakdown of Wavefront ingestion across your organization by ingestion policies, accounts, sources, and types. Use this dashboard to identify who is contributing the most to your Wavefront usage and manage your overall usage.

The Wavefront Namespace Usage Explorer dashboard breaks down metrics usage based on integrations with the ability to drill-down further into the metric namespaces.

The Committed Rate and Monthly Usage (PPS P95) displays a detailed breakdown of your Wavefront monthly usage. This enables you to take appropriate action when your Wavefront usage reaches around 95% of your target/committed usage.

Wavefront internal metrics have the following prefixes

To modify the Wavefront Usage alerts, install them and clone them. You must update the required fields in cloned alerts.