Learn about the Wavefront Spring Boot Integration.

Spring Boot Integration

Spring Boot lets you set up, configure, and run both simple and web-based applications. Wavefront supports Spring Boot in two ways:

  • This integration has setup steps for configuring a Spring Boot application to send metrics to Wavefront. A dashboard for examining metrics is included with this integration.
  • The Spring Boot tutorial shows how to get tracing data into Wavefront.

In addition to setting up the metrics flow, this integration also installs a dashboard that allows you to monitor the performance of your Spring Boot application. Here’s a preview of the dashboard:





Spring Boot Setup

Configure your Spring Boot application to send the Micrometer metrics to the Wavefront.

Add Dependency

Ensure your application declares the following starter dependency. For Maven users, here is a pom.xml snippet.

  • Add the following dependency to send metrics to the Wavefront.
  • (Optional) Add the following dependency to send trace data to the Wavefront using Spring Cloud Sleuth.

Note: Replace $releaseVersion with the latest version mentioned here.

Add Properties

Add the following configuration properties. For example, in an application.properties file like: