Learn about the Wavefront Photon OS Host Integration.

Photon OS Host Integration

Photon OS is an open-source minimalist Linux operating system from VMware that is optimized for cloud computing platforms, VMware vSphere deployments, and applications native to the cloud. Monitoring Photon OS hosts is easy with Wavefront. This integration installs and configures Telegraf to send host metrics into Wavefront. Telegraf is a light-weight server process capable of collecting, processing, aggregating, and sending metrics to a Wavefront proxy.

In addition to setting up the metrics flow, this integration also installs a dashboard. Here’s the dashboard displaying Photon OS host metrics.


Photon OS Setup

Step 1: Install and Configure the Wavefront Proxy Manually

If you do not have a Wavefront proxy installed on your network, please follow these steps

  1. Start the docker service.
    sudo systemctl start docker
  2. Install a proxy as a Docker container in Photon OS host.


    • If the proxy fails to start with an Error denying pull access, create an account in Docker if this is your first time and use the below command to authenticate. If prompted for your username and password, please enter your docker login credentials.
       docker login
    • If there is an error sudo command not found, run the below command.
       tdnf install sudo
    • If the proxy fails to start with an Error reporting Unknown host: Please verify your DNS and network settings, execute the below command to update the docker version.
       sudo tdnf update -y docker libseccomp
       sudo systemctl restart docker

Step 2: Install and Configure the Telegraf Agent Manually

  1. Download the Telegraf binary for Photon OS.
  2. Extract the telegraf-*_linux_amd64.gz file and change the working directory to the extracted directory.
    tar xf telegraf-*_linux_amd64.tar.gz
    cd telegraf-*
  3. Open the ./etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf file for edit, and configure the plugins.

    a. Comment the influxdb output plugin.


    b. Enable the wavefront output plugin and change the existing required properties.

       ## Url for Wavefront Direct Ingestion or using HTTP with Wavefront Proxy
       ## If using Wavefront Proxy, also specify port. example: http://proxyserver:2878
       # url = "https://<CLUSTER>.wavefront.com"
       ## Authentication Token for Wavefront. Only required if using Direct Ingestion
       # token = "API_TOKEN"
       ## DNS name of the wavefront proxy server. Do not use if url is specified
       ## Port that the Wavefront proxy server listens on. Do not use if url is specified
       port = 2878
       prefix = "photon."
       metric_separator = "."
       source_override = ["hostname", "agent_host", "node_host"]
       convert_paths = true

    c. Uncomment the net input plugin, if commented.

       # Enable net plugin
  4. Start the Telegraf agent.
    ./usr/bin/telegraf --config ./etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf