Learn about the Wavefront Mac Host Integration.

Mac Host Integration

Monitoring Mac hosts is easy with Wavefront. This integration installs and configures Telegraf to send host metrics into Wavefront. Telegraf is a light-weight server process capable of collecting, processing, aggregating, and sending metrics to a Wavefront proxy.

In addition to setting up the metrics flow, this integration also installs a dashboard. For example, here’s the CPU section of a dashboard displaying Mac host metrics.


Mac Host Setup

This integration uses various Telegraf input plugins. You can install the Wavefront proxy and Telegraf agent on the same host or on separate hosts. For proxy installation prerequisites, see the Proxy Host Requirements. You can choose automatic installation or manual installation and configuration.

Supported Version(s): MacOS Catalina (10.15) or later

Install Automatically

Log in to your Wavefront instance and follow the instructions in the Setup tab to install Telegraf and a Wavefront proxy in your environment. If a proxy is already running in your environment, you can select that proxy and the Telegraf install command connects with that proxy. Sign up for a free trial to check it out!

Check /usr/local/var/log/wavefront/wavefront.log and /usr/local/var/log/telegraf.log to verify the installation.

Install and Configure Manually

You install the Wavefront proxy and Telegraf manually via Homebrew.

First install the Wavefront tap by running brew tap wavefrontHQ/wavefront on each host where you want to install either the proxy or agent.

Install, Configure, and Restart the Wavefront Proxy

To run the Wavefront proxy on a host:

  1. Run brew install wfproxy.
    Note: You may be prompted to install Xcode and Java.
  2. Edit the file /usr/local/etc/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/wavefront.conf and configure the server and token properties:
  3. Run brew services restart wfproxy.
  4. Check /usr/local/var/log/wavefront/wavefront.log to verify the installation.

NOTE: For wavefront-proxy version 7.0 and later, you will see a warning dialog when the proxy service starts or restarts. The dialog prompts you to accept incoming network connections for Java applications. Click Allow and the proxy service starts.


Install, Configure, and Restart the Telegraf Agent

To run the Telegraf agent on a host:

  1. Run brew install telegraf.
  2. Create a file called 10-wavefront.conf in /usr/local/etc/telegraf.d and enter the following, configuring the host property:
       port = 2878
       metric_separator = "."
       source_override = ["hostname", "agent_host", "node_host", "server"]
       convert_paths = true

    where WAVEFRONT_PROXY_ADDRESS is the IP address or hostname where your Wavefront proxy has been installed.

  3. Edit the telegraf.conf file in /usr/local/etc/ and enter the snippet name_prefix = "mac." to the following inputs:
  4. Run brew services restart telegraf.
  5. Check /usr/local/var/log/telegraf.log to verify the installation.

Upgrade the Wavefront Proxy and Telegraf Agent

Once installed, to upgrade the Wavefront Proxy and Telegeraf to the latest version:

  1. Run brew update
  2. Run brew upgrade wfproxy to upgrade the Wavefront Proxy
  3. Run brew upgrade telegraf to upgrade Telegraf

Uninstall the Wavefront Proxy and Telegraf Agent

To uninstall the Wavefront proxy and Telegraf agent, run:

bash -c "$(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wavefrontHQ/homebrew-wavefront/master/sh/uninstall.sh)"