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Learn about alerts and how to integrate alerts and notifications.

Alerts Learn how to view alerts and how alerts trigger notifications and interact with events.
Alert Dependencies Learn how to manage alert dependencies using alert metrics.
Managing Alerts Learn how to manage alerts.
Three Simple Tips for Increasing Alert Robustness Learn how to develop alert conditions and properties that limit spurious alerts.
Alert States and Lifecycle Learn about alert conditions and states, when alerts fire, and how alerts resolve.
Events Learn how to view events and about event types.
Integrations Learn about the integrations supported by Wavefront, how to install an integration, and how to work with integration content.
Managing Maintenance Windows Learn how to use maintenance windows to prevent alerts from firing when systems are undergoing maintenance.
Organizing with Tags Learn how to use tags to speed up searching and query display and how to manage entity tags.
Tutorial: Getting Started Get started with navigating Wavefront, building Wavefront dashboards and charts, and creating an alert. The tutorial is based on the sample metrics preloaded in your Wavefront account.
Using Alert Targets to Integrate Alerts with Notification Systems Learn how to use alert targets to integrate alerts and notification systems.