Learn about the Wavefront Jaeger Integration.

Jaeger Integration

Jaeger is a popular open-source distributed tracing system. The Wavefront proxy supports the Jaeger Thrift trace data format.

Click the Setup tab for instructions on:

  • Enabling the Wavefront proxy to support the Jaeger Thrift data format.
  • Understanding configuration requirements for Jaeger agents that send trace data to the Wavefront proxy.

Jaeger Integration Setup

Jaeger deployments consist of Collectors and Jaeger Agents. The agents can be configured to send trace data to the Wavefront proxy.

Install and Configure the Wavefront Proxy

  1. If you have not already done so, install a Wavefront proxy (version 4.33 or later).
  2. On the host that is running your Wavefront proxy, open the file /etc/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/wavefront.conf and add:

    Note: See the documentation for the config file location for other platforms.

  3. Save and close wavefront.conf.
  4. Restart the proxy.

Configure the Jaeger Agent to Send Data to the Wavefront Proxy

On your hosts running the Jaeger agent, configure the agent with the following property:


Note: Replace <wf_proxy_hostname> with the hostname of the Wavefront proxy and <wf_proxy_jaeger_port> with the port you entered above for traceJaegerListenerPorts.

The Wavefront proxy will receive Jaeger trace data once the Jaeger agent has been started with the above property enabled.