Learn about the Wavefront Dynatrace Integration.

Dynatrace Integration

Dynatrace is an AI-powered, full-stack, automated performance management solution. This integration configures the Wavefront Collector for Dynatrace to collect the metrics from Dynatrace and sends them to Wavefront.



By default, API access is limited to 50 requests per minute in a Dynatrace SaaS environment. Wavefront Collector for Dynatrace works well with no API limit. Contact Dynatrace to remove the API limit from your account.

Step 1. Install and Configure Wavefront Proxy

If you have not already done so, install a Wavefront proxy.

Step 2. Install Wavefront Collector for Dynatrace

  1. Clone this repository https://github.com/wavefrontHQ/integrations/tree/master.
  2. Change directory to dynatrace_collector.
  3. Run the following command to install Wavefront Collector for Dynatrace.
pip install .

Step 3. Configure Wavefront Collector for Dynatrace

Run the following command to configure Wavefront Collector for Dynatrace.

wf-dynatrace config -b <dynatrace-base-url> -a <dynatrace-api-key> -s <wavefront-proxy-ip> -p <wavefront_proxy_metric_port>

wf-dynatrace config command has the following command-line options:

  • -b (Required) Dynatrace base URL, e.g. https://<your_cluster_name>.dynatrace.com
  • -a (Required) Dynatrace API token, See generate a token for information on obtaining the API token.
  • -s (Required) Wavefront proxy IP
  • -p (Optional) Wavefront proxy metric port, Default is 2878

Step 4. Manage Dynatrace Collector

  • Start the collector
      dynatrace-collector start
  • Stop the collector
      dynatrace-collector stop
  • Check service status
      dynatrace-collector status
  • Restart the collector
      dynatrace-collector restart
  • Get collector information
      wf-dynatrace info

Step 5. Advanced Configuration

All configuration files are located at /opt/wavefront/dynatrace/config/. Use config.json to enable/disable the metrics collection.

Configuration options:

  • family: Filter the metrics based on family, to disable the metric for any family remove an entire dictionary object from the array.
  • detailedSources: Filters the metrics based on the source name, which can be found in the metric definition.
  • displayNameRegexPattern: Filters metrics based on the entity display name (in the UI). Value can be an entity display name or any regex pattern. Default is all.

See Dynatrace Timeseries API for more information.

Use dtcollector.conf to manage the log and other settings.

Step 6. Log File Location

Log file will be located at /var/log/wavefront/dynatrace/dynatrace.log.