Learn about the Catchpoint Integration.

Catchpoint Integration

Catchpoint is a unified end-user monitoring platform which combines proactive and real user monitoring to provide total visibility into every layer of the digital delivery chain, including Networks, Code, CDNs, DNS, Services, APIs, SaaS services, and more.

This integration configures Catchpoint Test data webhook to send metrics to the Wavefront service.


Wavefront provides Catchpoint Tests dashboard for detailed monitoring:

  • Catchpoint: WEB
  • Catchpoint: DNS
  • Catchpoint: Ping
  • Catchpoint: API
  • Catchpoint: FTP


This integration configures Catchpoint Test Data Webhook to publish JSON output data to the Wavefront service.

Create Test Data Webhook

  1. Log in to Catchpoint.
  2. Navigate to Settings > API > Test Data Webhook > Add URL.
  3. Specify the URL as https://cps.wavefront.com/report and the format as JSON.
  4. Optionally, you can specify a list of Email Addresses to notify in case an agent fails to post data.
  5. Below is the list of Headers that need to be sent as a part of Request.

Required Headers

Content-Type          application/json    
Wavefront-Cluster     https://YOUR_CLUSTER.wavefront.com
Wavefront-Secret      YOUR_API_TOKEN -------     ------

Optional Headers

Metrics-Prefix              Metric prefix (Default - catchpoint)
Metrics-Blacklist           A comma-separated list of regex to blacklist the metrics
Metrics-Whitelist           A comma-separated list of regex to whitelist the metrics
Disable-Default-Blacklist   By default, the integration blocks some metrics (hostcollections, action, contentzones,
                            diagnostic). To white-list these metrics, set this parameter to true. Default is false. -------     ------

Enable Test Data Webhook

By default, Catchpoint will not push any data to the subscriber unless the test has been enabled for the Test Data Webhook. This allows you to only receive data for tests that matter, and ignore any tests that might not have importance.

In order to assign tests results to the subscriber you should add the Test Data Webhook to the desired product containing the tests. To accomplish this, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Tests>Product.
  2. Select and Edit the Product.
  3. Enable Test Data Webhook and choose above created Test Data Webhook from the drop down.
  4. To assign Test Data Webhook to Tests, go to any test in the Product and check the checkbox for Enable Test Data Webhook.

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