Learn about the Wavefront Microsoft Azure Container Instances Integration.

Microsoft Azure Integration

The Microsoft Azure integration enables monitoring Azure with Wavefront and offers pre-defined dashboards and alert conditions.

Metrics Configuration

Wavefront ingests Microsoft Azure metrics using the Azure Monitor APIs. For details on the metrics that the API supports, see the documentation.

Metrics originating from Microsoft Azure are prefixed with azure. within Wavefront. After you set up the integration, you can browse the available metrics in the metrics browser.


Wavefront provides Microsoft Azure dashboards for the following services:

  • Azure: Application Gateways
  • Azure: App Service
  • Azure: Container Instances
  • Azure: Event Hub
  • Azure: Files
  • Azure: Functions
  • Azure: HDInsight Cluster
  • Azure: Kubernetes Services
  • Azure: Load Balancers
  • Azure: Redis Caches
  • Azure: Storage Accounts
  • Azure: SQL Databases
  • Azure: SQL Datawarehouse
  • Azure: Virtual Machine
  • Azure: Virtual Machine Scale Set

Here’s a preview of the Virtual Machine dashboard: images/azure-overview.png

Microsoft Azure Integrations

Adding an Azure Cloud Integration

Adding an Azure cloud integration requires establishing a trust relationship between Azure and Wavefront.

  1. Log in to your Wavefront instance.
  2. Follow the instructions on the left to establish the trust relationship.

The process first creates an Azure Active Directory application that represents Wavefront inside Azure. Then you retrieve information for that application, and paste it into the form on the far left to complete the trust setup.



See Azure documentation for Metrics descriptions.

Metric Name Description
azure.containerinstance.containergroups.cpuusage.* CPU usage on all cores in millicores.
Statistics: count
azure.containerinstance.containergroups.memoryusage.* Total memory usage in byte.
Statistics: count
azure.containerinstance.containergroups.networkbytesreceivedpersecond.* The network bytes received per second.
Statistics: count
azure.containerinstance.containergroups.networkbytestransmittedpersecond.* The network bytes transmitted per second.
Statistics: count