Learn about the Wavefront Azure AD Integration.

Azure AD Integration

Azure AD is a popular identity management product that can be integrated with Wavefront to enable single sign-on.

Azure AD Setup

Step 1. Run the Azure AD Wizard

An Azure AD Premium subscription is required.

  1. Sign in to the Azure Portal as a Global Administrator or Co-admin.
  2. Click More services at the bottom of the main navigation menu on the left to open the Azure Active Directory Extension.
  3. Search for “Azure Active Directory” in the search filter box and select the Azure Active Directory item.
  4. Click Enterprise Applications in the navigation menu on the left and click Add.
  5. Click Non-gallery application in the Add your own app section.
  6. Enter Wavefront as the application name and click Add.
  7. Select the Wavefront application and click Single sign-on in the navigation menu on the left.
  8. Select SAML-based Sign-on in the Mode pulldown menu.
  9. In the Identifier field enter https://YOUR_CLUSTER.wavefront.com:443.
  10. In the Reply URL field, enter https://YOUR_CLUSTER.wavefront.com/api/saml/login.
  11. Select user.mail from the User Identifier pulldown menu in the User Attributes section.
  12. Download the metadata XML file from the SAML Signing Certificate section.
  13. In the Notification Email section, enter the email address of the person or group that maintains the SSO integration at your company.
  14. Click Save at the top to save your changes.

Step 2. Send Identity Provider Metadata to Wavefront

  1. Send the metadata XML file that you saved earlier to support@wavefront.com with a request to set up Azure AD integration for Wavefront.

After we’ve completed the setup, users can authenticate to Wavefront through Azure AD instead of using a password. New Azure AD users are auto-created on the Wavefront side when they authenticate for the first time.