Learn about the Wavefront AppDynamics Integration.

AppDynamics Integration

The AppDynamics integration is a native integration that offers agentless ingestion of metrics from a AppDynamics SaaS service.

Metrics Configuration

This integration can be configured to pull all application metrics from AppDynamics. If you want to pull only certain application metrics, configure filters while setting up the integration.

Metrics that originate from AppDynamics are prefixed with appdynamics.apps. in Wavefront. After you set up the integration, you can browse the available metrics in the metrics browser.

AppDynamics Setup

Follow the steps given below to give Wavefront access to AppDynamics account:

  1. Log in to your Wavefront instance.
  2. From the taskbar, click Integrations and search for AppDynamics.
  3. Click the AppDynamics tile.
  4. Click the Setup tab and click Add Integration.
  5. Fill in the details and click Register.

Now, you see the metrics from your AppDynamics account in Wavefront.