Learn about the Wavefront VMware Blockchain Integration.

VMware Blockchain Integration

VMware Blockchain is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform that enables multi-party workflows. It uses advanced techniques, such as byzantine fault-tolerant state machine replication, authenticated data structures, and integration with smart contract execution engines, to enable customers to build and run decentralized multi-party applications.

VMware Blockchain Setup

Step 1. Install the Wavefront Proxy

If you do not have a Wavefront proxy installed on your network, install a proxy. Navigate to Browse > Proxies, click Add new proxy, and follow the instructions.

Step 2. Install PyYAML and Jinja2

Install PyYAML package of version 5.4.1, or later:

  sudo pip3 install pyyaml

Install Jinja2 package of version 3.0.3:

  sudo pip3 install Jinja2

Step 3. Download the VMware Blockchain Scripts

Download the VMware Blockchain directory.

Step 4. Run the Blockchain Script

  1. Use the VMware Blockchain script to create the metrics filter required by the Wavefront Proxy and allow only few metrics to be sent to Wavefront.
  2. Update the metrics_list.txt file with the metric names. Add one metric per line.
  3. Run the script: ./createRules.py. The script generates the preprocessor_rules.yaml file.
  4. Place the preprocessor_rules.yaml file under the /config/wavefront-proxy/ in the Wavefront Proxy and make sure that the preprocessor_rules.yaml file has the permission 644.
  5. In the wavefront.conf, set the parameter preprocessorConfigFile to /config/wavefront-proxy/preprocessor_rules.yaml.
  6. Make sure that the generated YAML file is valid and formatted.