Learn how to perform basic tasks in the Wavefront UI.

This page collects some videos that show basic tasks. A 90 second intro, intro videos about customizing and creating charts, and two videos for getting started with alerts.

Wavefront Introduction

This 90 second introduction shows how Wavefront users create dashboards and charts, add alerts, and include histograms and spans in observability results.

Browsing Your Data

90-second video that shows how you can find and examine metrics from the Sources browser and from the Metrics browser.

Customize Dashboards

All users can customize their dashboards. Learn how to find a section, filter using variables or filters, set the time for the dashboard, and share the dashboard with others.

Create Dashboards

Users with Dashboards permissions can create a new dashboard with one or multiple charts from metrics, a chart type, or an integration.

Create and Modify Charts with Chart Builder

Users with Dashboards permissions can use Chart Builder to select metrics or histograms, apply filters and functions, select a chart type, and customize the chart.

Introduction to Alerts

Jason explains first why intelligent alerts are so useful. He then explores the Alerts browser, which gives alert details such recent changes or which alerts are firing. He also shows different filtering options on the Alerts browser.