Administrators use Wavefront Top to understand data shapes, and permissions and access for authorization.

The following videos explain how to use Wavefront Top, add or revoke access for one or more dashboards, and use Metrics Security Policy rules.

Wavefront Top
Wavefront Top

Wavefront Top is a keyboard-driven UI for examining Wavefront `spy` endpoints. You see how to drill down into your Wavefront instance and learn about the data that are being ingested.

Access Control in Wavefront
Wavefront access control

Access control, added in Spring 2019, allows users with Accounts & Groups permissions to add or revoke access for one or more dashboards. You can add and revoke access for groups or individual users. The video explains how to use access control and also discusses the Everyone group and the Super Admin user.

Metrics Security Policy

In addition to global permissions and specific access control for dashboards & charts, Wavefront lets users with Metrics permission create metrics security policy rules.

You can also watch the video here video camera icon.