Learn about the Wavefront Metricproxy Integration.

Metricproxy Integration

Metricproxy is an open source project from SignalFx that can aggregate metrics from multiple sources like Graphite (carbon), collectd, or SignalFx, and send them to servers using the carbon, collectd or SignalFx protocols. This integration describes how to configure Metricproxy to accept the time series data and send them to a Wavefront proxy.

Metricproxy Setup

Metricproxy can be configured to accept metrics in Graphite (carbon), collectd, or SignalFx format, and send them to the Wavefront proxy.

Step 1. Configure Wavefront Proxy to Listen for Graphite Data

  1. If you have not already done so, install a Wavefront proxy.
  2. On the server running your Wavefront proxy, open the file /etc/wavefront/wavefront-proxy/wavefront.conf. Uncomment and configure the following properties as required:
  3. Save and close wavefront.conf
  4. Restart the proxy: sudo service wavefront-proxy restart.
  5. Tail the proxy log file to make sure there are no errors: tail -f /var/log/wavefront/wavefront.log.

Step 2. Configure Metricproxy

Edit the metricproxy configuration file /etc/sfdbconfig.conf as below:

    "ForwardTo": [
            "Name": "<wavefront proxy name>",
            "type": "carbon",
            "host": "<wavefront proxy IP or Host Name>",
            "port": 2003
    "ListenFrom": [
            "ListenAddr": "",
            "Type": "carbon"
    "LocalDebugServer": "",
    "LogDir": "-"

See the sfdbconfig.conf example for more options.

Step 3. Restart Metricproxy

Run /etc/init.d/metricproxy restart.