Learn how to monitor containers in Wavefront.

Wavefront provides several options for monitoring containers. Which is best depends on whether or not you are using a Docker orchestration system. This page explains how to monitor containers in Wavefront. See our blog post How to Monitor Containers Efficiently at Scale for some background info.

Google cAdvisor collects metrics from containers running on any Docker host. One of the major benefits is that cAdvisor runs inside a container itself which means it can be launched by docker run or docker-compose. cAdvisor automatically discovers any running containers on a host as they're spun up or down. Wavefront has a native storage driver for cAdvisor. As it collects resource metrics, it adds your Docker labels as point tags. This allows you to add useful metadata to your container metrics and leverage Wavefront's query engine for unprecedented visibility and intelligence into your running containers.

Amazon EC2
Container Service (ECS)
Google cAdvisor is also a great fit for monitoring ECS. All you need to do is run cAdvisor on each ECS EC2 instance. The Amazon blog post Running an Amazon ECS Task (cAdvisor) on Every Instance‚Äč explains how to run cAdvisor on EC2 instances as they are created. For our implementation, see AWS ECS Integration.

Heapster collects and aggregates resource metrics at every level of a Kubernetes (also referred to as k8s) cluster. Wavefront has a native storage driver for Heapster. Kubernetes labels are applied as point tags to resource metrics.