Learn about the Wavefront HipChat Integration.

HipChat Integration

HipChat is a popular communication platform. Wavefront and HipChat both support webhooks so you can easily configure an incoming webhook in HipChat and an outgoing webhook in Wavefront to pass the notifications from Wavefront alerts into your HipChat rooms. Alert notifications sent to a HipChat room look like:


See the Setup tab for the templates that generated these messages.

HipChat Setup

Note: Atlassian will be discontinuing HipChat in favor of Slack. If you migrate to Slack, please use our Slack integration.

Step 1. Build Custom Integration for your HipChat Room

  1. In HipChat, click the Room actions button on the top right hand of your room window and select Integrations…. images/hc_room_actions.png

  2. Click the Build your own integration tile. images/hc_integration.png

  3. Give a meaningful name to your integration. This is the name that will appear in your HipChat room as a sender of the message.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Copy the notification URL.
  6. Click Save to save the custom integration.

Step 2. Create a HipChat Alert Target

  1. In Wavefront, create an alert target.
  2. Give the alert target a meaningful name.
  3. In the Triggers field, select the alert state changes that should trigger the notification. See Creating an Alert Target.
  4. Make sure the Type is Webhook.
  5. Paste the application’s notification URL into the URL field.

  6. In the Content Type field, select the following content type:
    • application/json - The request payload must be valid JSON with body parameter fields as described in HipChat documentation.
  7. Select Alert Target POST Body Template > TEMPLATE > HipChat.
  8. Customize the template. Here is the sample message template:
    • application/json

        "message": "AlertId: {{{alertId}}}, Subject {{{subject}}}, Reason: {{{reason}}}, Name: {{#jsonEscape}}{{{name}}}{{/jsonEscape}}",
        "color": "red",
        "notify": "true"

    You can pass any other HipChat request body parameter fields to format the messages in the HipChat room.

  9. Click Save. The alert target is added to the Alert Targets page.
  10. In the Name column, note the ID of the alert target under the alert target description.

Step 3. Add the HipChat Alert Target to an Alert

  1. In Wavefront, open the Alerts browser.
  2. If you have an alert, locate the alert and click the alert name to open the Edit Alert screen. Otherwise, create an alert. For help, see Creating an Alert.
  3. Scroll down to the Target List field.

  4. Enter the alert target ID into the Alert Target field.
  5. Select the alert target from the dropdown list to add the list of targets.
  6. Click Save.