Learn about Wavefront dashboards.

Each chart is a window into your company’s data - and you can prioritize and group charts using dashboards. All users can search and interact with dashboards.

Dashboard Basics

By creating dashboards, you can quickly compare different data sets, alter time windows for all data sets, and save those windows for future use. You use dashboard sections to organize charts.

All charts in a dashboard share display preferences, variables, and can share events.

To view and manage dashboards, select Dashboards > All Dashboards.

Dashboard Types

Wavefront has two types of dashboards: system and user.

System dashboards are installed by Integrations and include:

Searching Dashboards

While some Wavefront instances can have hundreds of dashboards, typical Wavefront users use a smaller subset of dashboards each day. Wavefront offers many features to help you organize and search for dashboards.

If you are viewing an existing dashboard and you want to navigate to a different dashboard, then you use the Search Dashboards field at the upper right of the task bar. The Search Dashboards field searches any string within a dashboard name or URL.

More Info

This doc set has info about interacting with dashboards, using dashboard variables, and more. Or read our blog post, Interactive Dashboards: Three ways to get instant value from cloud metrics analytics