New and updated features.

Histogram Chart

This release includes full support for histogram charts.


Retrieve Ingested Span Logs with Spy

You can now retrieve ingested span logs with Spy with the existing trace ID, span ID, and the respective event that created the log.

Create Service Dashboards from a Template

You can now create your own service dashboard from our template and customize it to monitor the trace data sent by each service in your application. All charts in the current service dashboard are included in the template. You can add, remove, and customize charts, then save your service dashboard. See Create a Dashboard from a Tracing Template for details.

Create a dashboard from a tracing template

Tracing UI Improvements

You can fine-tune the time window of your RED metrics charts on the tracing UI.

Fine tune RED metrics charts

Display Dashboards on Large Demo Screens

Wavefront customers have asked for a version of dashboards that is suitable for large demo screens, for example, a large TV screen inside your enterprise. This type of setup has no time-out, doesn’t require authorization, and is read only.

Starting with this release, simple configuration of NGINX on an Ubuntu Linux VM that runs inside the network gets you the desired result.

New Video: About Cardinality

Watch Wavefront co-founder Clement Pang explain what cardinality means and why Wavefront performs so well with high-cardinality data.