New and updated features.

Dashboard Improvements (v2)

Our v2 UI has several dashboard improvements in this release. If your cluster has v2 enabled, you can switch UI versions from the gear icon.

Create Dashboard from Template

You can now create a dashboard from a template. You'll be prompted to select an integration that has data flowing, then to select the dashboard and the charts on that dashboard.

Create a dashboard from a template

Undo in Dashboard Edit Mode

With your dashboard in Edit mode, you can now undo and redo changes to the dashboard.

Undo and redo icons

Global Filters in Dashboards

Global filters allow any user to:
  1. Specify a key-value pair as a filter for the dashboard.

    All filters show up to the right of any dashboard variables
  2. Remove the filter by clicking the X.
Global filter set and see
The drilldown link option is now available for all chart types.
  • Any user who clicks on single-stat, topk, or node map chart is redirected to a specified target dashboard.
  • For other chart types, users can click the ellipsis icon in the top right and select the target dashboard.
Drilldown ellipsis

You can optionally pass in a value from the origin chart during drilldown link creation.

Raw Value Option for Single Stat Charts

Starting with this release, you can check a Display Raw Value option to show the raw value. The screenshot on the right shows an example.

For new Single Stat charts, the option is checked by default.
Single stat chart with Raw Value checked

Topk and Node Map Charts (v2)

This release supports full edit functionality for topk charts and node map charts. These chart types were available only as read-only charts. They now support color mapping and drilldown links.

A topk chart shows the most critical time series (8 by default) as horizontal bars.
  • Add a color mapping to highlight values
  • Specify the number of bars and other details such as the bar label, bar header, etc.
  • Specify a drilldown link that directs users to a different dashboard when they click on a bar.
topk chart
A node map shows colored 3-D cubes ordered from highest to lowest based on source values.
  • When a user clicks a node, a small popup of the corresponding metric for that source results.
  • If a drilldown link is specified, users are directed to a different dashboard when they click a node.
  • An animation unfurls the node map when the page refreshes.
node map chart

Query Language Changes

  • We now allow lower case or all caps for the strings AND, OR, and NOT for better legibility of long combinations of metrics.
  • The timespan() event management function now supports adding tags with a time expression. Before, only Epoch time was supported.

New Tracing and Histogram Features

Several new features make working with tracing and histograms easier.

Java Tracing Agent

The new Wavefront Java Tracing Agent has been available in Github for 1+ month. See this blog post for details.

Drilldown from the Service Dashboard to the Tracing Browser

From this release onwards, you can directly navigate to tracing information from the service dashboard. See Navigate to the Tracing Browser from the Service Dashboard.

Spy for Histograms

You can now retrieve ingested histograms with Spy to examine your histogram data.

Documentation Changes and New Videos

  • Starting with this release, v2 dashboards and charts are becoming the default. For pages where the differences between the v1 UI and the v2 UI are significant, you can click v1 Doc to go to the corresponding v1 documentation.

    Here’s an example screenshot.

    go to v1

  • Two new lightboard videos just became available: