New and updated features.

Alert Routes for Fine-Tuning Alert Notifications

Use alert routes if you want to fine-tune which recipient receives which alert notification. You can specify a source name, metric name, or point tag name and value, and filter who gets notified based on that.

You specify alert routes as part of a custom alert target.

Span Logs for Distributed Tracing

This release supports span logs.

Note: Span logs work only with Wavefront proxy version 5.0 or later. Wavefront proxy version 5.0 works only with Wavefront release 2019.30.x or later.

Span logs capture span-specific logging information and are supported by the OpenTracing standard.

  • Instrument your application to emit span logs following the OpenTracing standard.
  • View span logs in the Traces browser.

You can instrument your application or customize a Wavefront SDK to include span log information. Some Wavefront SDKs include span logs for errors by default.

Note: Span logs are disabled by default. Contact the Wavefront Customer Success team if you want span logs enabled on your cluster.

Proxy Preprocessor Rules for Spans

The Wavefront proxy is released separately from the Wavefront service. As part of the last release, we added some new preprocessor rules and span filtering and span altering rules. See our detailed documentation for examples.

Documentation & Videos

  • Reorganized some information for easier access to data ingestion and proxy information. Filenames did not change so bookmarks still work.
  • Updated information about Proxy Preprocessor Rules to include info on rules for spans and histograms.
  • Two new lightboard videos from Clement Introduction to Wavefront and Wavefront Proxy.

Wavefront intro video