New and updated features.

Distributed Tracing Enhancement

This release includes several enhancements to the tracing service and UI. We also continue to improve and add to our SDKs, available on Github.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Sample application. If you select Applications > Traces, and if we can’t find trace data in your environment, then we show you the Beach Shirts sample app so you can explore tracing on sample data. If you set up your environment to send trace data to Wavefront, we display your information instead of the sample app.
  • System metrics collected by default. If your environment includes Telegraf agents that support system metrics to Wavefront, we display those metrics in the System section.

    tracing system metrics

  • Percentile indicator A new percentile indicator lets you spot potential outliers. It shows for each trace where it falls in comparison to other traces:

    tracing outliers

Wavefront v2 UI for Dashboards and Charts (Beta)

This release rolls out a Beta of the v2 dashboard and charts. Some customers will offer users an option to try the new UI, while others will have access in a later release.

Feature Highlights

Here’s a list of feature highlights:

  • Create Dashboard workflow allows all users to quickly create a dashboard and add charts. Highlights include:
    • Easy drag and drop.
    • Select from metrics available in your environment.
    • Create multiple charts, with a maximum of 12 charts per row.
  • Dashboard improvements include easier customization, easier visibility (e.g. slightly thicker lines), and full support for dark theme.

    dashboard dark

  • Chart Builder is available when you edit a chart and supports easy chart setup from the UI.
    • Specify the metrics, filters, and functions.
    • Customize the chart type and chart characteristics.
    • Advanced users can select Query Editor in the Data tab of Chart Builder, and can make Query Editor the default.

    chart builder

  • Dashboard Variables support a more intuitive workflow, both for users who create or edit variables and for users who select variable values.

Switching Between Versions

If your environment has been set up to offer the v2 Beta UI option, you can easily switch between UI versions.

  1. Click the gear icon on the task bar and select your username.
  2. Select the UI Version that you want to work in.

    select UI version

Service Accounts

Wavefront user accounts authenticate with user name and password. Service accounts authenticate with a token and are suitable for code that performs tasks in your Wavefront environment.

With this release we’re adding service accounts and a UI that allows you to create, deactivate, and activate accounts and to delete and generate tokens.

As part of this change, we made some name changes in the UI for clarity.

New join() Function

The Wavefront join() function is modeled after the SQL JOIN operation. See Combining Time Series With join() for details.