New and updated features.

Azure Integration

  • Starting with this release, metrics in Azure integrations are more complete. Wavefront integrations receive certain metrics from Azure with a lag, and this release takes the lag into account.

Distributed Tracing (Beta) Enhancements

Traces Browser and Service Map

  • The Traces browser supports a streamlined task flow for examining traces. You can perform trace queries, view query results, expand traces to see their member spans, and expand individual spans to see their details, without having to navigate between pages and pop-ups.

  • The service map in the Traces browser shows the services involved in a trace. The service map lets you examine:

    • Service dependencies
    • Flow of request calls between the services
    • Health of the service (RED metrics) without navigating to another page

explore trace browser

Trace Queries

  • Query Builder in the Traces browser now lets you to filter on the minimum or maximum duration of entire traces.

  • You can use the new traces() function to perform trace queries in Query Editor. You can use the spans() function with the REST API to obtain a JSON list of matching spans.

Wavefront OpenCensus Go Exporter

  • You can now use the Wavefront OpenCensus Go Exporter to push metrics, histograms, and traces into Wavefront from a Go application that is intrumented with OpenCensus.