Learn about new and updated features.

Note: The new authorization features (groups and dashboard-level access control) are part of Release 2018.46. However, they become visible for individual clusters only when enabled explicitly. The Wavefront Customer Success team will inform you when your environment has been updated to include the changes.

Object-Based Access Control

Wavefront has always supported global permissions. Customers have asked for access control for individual objects, and we’re making it available for dashboards in this release.

  • During roll-out, we create an Everyone group that includes all current and future users. That group is added to the View & Modify access list of all dashboards. As a result, all users with the Dashboard permission can continue to manage all dashboards.
  • Users with Dashboard permission can change access:
    • From the Dashboard browser for one or more dashboards.
    • Using the Share icon on individual dashboards.
  • In high security environments, users with Users & Groups permission (called Accounts & Groups in later releases) can turn on a security preference. After that, only the dashboard creator and any Super Admin user can:
    • View and modify new dashboards, that is, dashboards created after the change to the preference.
    • Give other users View or View & Modify access to individual new dashboards. Users with View & Modify access can then also invite other users to view or view and modify the dashboard.
  • Users who are Super Admin can always change access to any dashboard and can view and restore orphan dashboards. Initially, one user is Super Admin on each cluster. A Super Admin user can make additiona users Super Admin.

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You can now use the Share icon in the top right corner to share dashboards and charts. New in this release is the capability to share live links to dashboards.

share icon

  • Share Links: To share a link to the dashboard or chart, you can:
    • Generate a live link that shows the present state as the dashboard changes over time.
    • Generate a link to the static state at the time you generate the link

    Note: The fly-out share link icon is no longer available.

  • Share Access: If access control is enabled, you can share access with users and groups from a dashboard’s share icon.

Enhancements to Wavefront Authorization

We’ve made multiple enhancements to Wavefront authorization:

  • Groups make it easy to quickly make changes such as assigning permissions to many users at once.
  • Permission names that are visible in the UI are now more consistent and intuitive.
  • To assign permissions to new users, you can:
    • Explicitly set default new user permissions, as before.
    • Specify a default group for new users and set the permissions for that group (recommended).
  • Browse Data no longer exists as an explicit permission. The tasks that a new user can perform did not change.
  • The Wavefront REST API includes a new UserGroup object.

Watch these videos for more info:

Authorization in Wavefront Permissions for Users and Groups Wavefront access control

Default Permissions for New Customers

If you became a Wavefront customer after release 2018.46 went out (January 2019), users in your environment will have a more comprehensive set of default permissions.

AI Genie Anomaly Detection and Forecasting (Beta)

This release includes a Beta of the new AI Genie UI for anomaly detection and forecasting.

  • Access AI Genie from any chart using the Open AI Genie button.

    open genie

  • Select Anomaly Detection to highlight anomalous behavior. This tab wraps the anomalous() function around your query.
  • Select Forecasting to view a forecast for your current query. You can set a time window and confidence bands.

Watch these videos for an introduction:

ai genie anomaly detection ai genie forecasting

Change in Support Process

To contact Wavefront by VMware support, select the Support menu item from the gear icon.

Miscellaneous Changes

In the last month we’ve updated the Wavefront proxy to better support tracing, and we’ve made additions and changes to integrations. Additions include a vSphere integration and a Kubernetes integration that uses the Wavefront Collector for Kubernetes instead of Heapster. Proxy releases are independent from updates of the Wavefront service.