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AWS Lambda Function integration

Our full-features integration with AWS Lambda allows you to monitor your serverless (FaaS) functions from Wavefront.

The integration includes standard AWS Lambda metrics that are available through the API. The integration also includes wrappers in Python, Go, and Node.js that you can use to monitor AWS Lambda custom business metrics.

See AWS Lambda Functions Integration and AWS Lambda Functions Integration Details.

Delta Counters

Delta counters make counter functionality available for serverless Function-as-a-service environments and some other use cases. Wavefront uses delta counters as part of the AWS Lamda Functions integration.

Performance Improvements

Speed increases of up to 25% for certain use cases. Specifically, queries that use source tags with more than 10k hosts see significant performance improvements.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Wavefront now supports running queries with lower priority. Lower-priority queries don’t interfere with higher-priority queries, such as alerts, or with interactive user queries. Use a function explicitly, or use a new permission:

  • New bestEffort() function. Wrapping any query expression in bestEffort() tells Wavefront to use conservative targets for scheduling workloads. That means we limit thread use and asynchronous operations.
  • New Batch Query Priority permission. When users with that permission run queries, Wavefront treats every query executed by these users as if it was wrapped in bestEffort().

For example, use the new permission if you’ve specified a reporter account that performs Wavefront reporting queries. By giving the reporter account the Batch Query Priority permission, you can ensure that lower priority queries don’t interfere with higher priority queries such as alerts or interactive user queries.

Documentation improvements.

New Stacked Columns Stack Type

For stacked area charts, you can now select a Stacked Columns option, which results in a display like the following.

stacked column