Learn about new and updated features.

2018-26.x release highlights:

  • Support for histograms
  • Option to include alert image in alert notification
  • Miscellaneous improvements

Support for Histograms

Wavefront histograms let you compute, store, and use distributions of metrics rather than single metrics. Histograms are useful for high-velocity metrics about your applications and infrastructure – particularly those gathered across many distributed sources.

Note The histogram feature requires a separate license and is not enabled on your cluster by default.

See Wavefront Histograms

Option to Include Alert Image in Alert Notification

Alert notifications can now include an image of the chart that triggered the alert. In many cases, the image is included by default.

  • For simple alert targets – email and PagerDuty targets that you add directly in the Create Alert dialog, a chart image is automatically included.
  • For PagerDuty alert targets you create from the Create Alert Target page, notifications include the image.
  • The predefined templates for custom HTML email targets and for Slack targets include images by default.
  • If you created custom alert targets before version 2018-26.x was released, you have to modify the template to include the image. See Adding Chart Images to Older Custom Alert Targets for sample setup instructions for an email alert target.

Note We do not include the alert image in the notification if the alert query takes more than one minute to execute.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • The Name field for an AWS integration is now available as a point tag named accountAlias. As a result, you no longer have to specify the account ID for use in queries but can use the name instead.
  • Improvement of mpercentile() performance, especially with large moving time windows.
  • Calls to at("end", windowWidth()) now return the correct value.
  • As part of the improved alert notification setup, we’ve added a HTML Email template. We’ve changed the other template names as follows:
    • Generic Webhook replaces Webhook Default
    • PagerDuty Subject replaces PagerDuty Default
    • Plain Text Email replaces Plain Text